8th Floor Lavatory

Year: 2011

Advisor: Noo Siripachana

Tools: handcraft modeling, AutoCad

[1st year studio]

A final project of the 1st year studio, the task is for each student to choose their own area with its limitation to be only on the 8th floor of the architecture school building, Bangkhuntian campus.

I had chosen the lavatory due to its unique characteristics of its enclosed space and how its also a very public function space that no one can avoid visiting. 



Due to the many hours spent, sketching and observing the lavatory details and number of users per hour, I came up with the idea of planting a sculpture on the floor, growing up towards the ceiling, resembling, the accumulation of the waste every user has dropped by here, in every visit. The sculpture comprises of countless triangular wooden forms, arranged randomly, attaching to one another in a very disturbing manner, just like how all the invisible germs fill the air in that enclosed space. The triangular form comes from my personal interest in how a triangle would still be called a triangle, no matter how long each of it's sides are.

A 1:25 scale model is done to examine and experiment the space as well as the triangular collective.