Year: 2015

Site: Kangkrachan Country Club, Petchaburi, Thailand

Client: GayRay

Design Director: Jiro Endo

Designer: Prapatsorn sukkaset

Lighting Operator: Jiro Endo / Voratorn Peerapongpan


Egg Stage is one of the many stages of Big Mountain Music Festival, held annually in December. Egg Stage is a a platform for new-born indy artists , which becomes this year’s design concept.The word “new-born“ is being explored and expanded and ended up with the word “egg,” a clue to the stage’s decorative material selection, egg crates.Three egg crates ae combined in a systematic way asmodule, connecting to other units, mountinous shapes. The mountains were illuminated by lighting and brought to life by the sound of music.

(please watch in full HD)