Year: 2016

Site: Thai Village, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

Project Coordinator: Kimura Kazuhiro

Designer Director: Jiro Endo

Designer: Go Ueda / Prapatsorn Sukkaset

Production Manager: Prapatsorn Sukkaset

Thai Village is part of Thai Festival, with Thai crafts and food, held at Yoyogi Park, in summer each year.

The Village was decorated with parabolic brass Pho(holy Buddhist Plant) leaves hung with truss, which is very reflective in pure sunlight. A simulation was created in Sketch Up, to calculate the length of each line and the number of brass leaves to be produced.The material selection was inspired by exploring local materials in Thailand that could truely reflect Thainess and our believes in Buddhism. The lines of Pholeaves were manufactured and assembled in Thailand and shiped to Japan, along with installation manuals and details.




photo credit: Royal Thai Embassy