Year: 2016

Site: Kaosan Road, Yaowarat, JJ Green Bangkok Thailand

Client: Fungjai

Design Director: Duckunit

Designer: Voratorn Peerapongpan , Laphonphat Doungploy , Sirorat Sitthitham, Monthira Jamsri, Prapatsorn Sukkaset

Tiger jams is a pop-up event held at 3 locations namely:- Kansan Road, Yaowarat and JJ Green, in respective order. 

The show's intension is to introduce Thai indy artists towards the audience in collaboration with Fungjai, an organisation supporting Thai music industry. 

We experimented with material and mechanisms that could fit with the 3 sites, developed from the concept of a kaleidoscope.



Showcase #1 - Kaosan Road

(please watch in full HD)

Showcase #2 - Yaowarat


(please watch in full HD)



Showcase #3 - JJ Green

(please watch in full HD)
photo credit:  Fungjai