Evolo Skyscraper 2016: Babel (Honorable Mention)

architects: Nattakit Saetan, Prapatsorn Sukkaset

In the imagined future, where we plant structures that would spread out the green throughout the city, as if they were grains of seeds that would uncontrollably grow, taking back what was once theirs, resources of land has been used extensively by the greed of man, spanning across human intervention until there is no more land left for the upcoming generations to reclaim. In those days where the impermanence of concrete can not withstand the true forces of nature, the solid ground is soon to be covered by earth, minerals and eventually the green, growing on top are the woods that would stem deep and span miles and miles, beyond the imagination of mankind.

Here, we design skyscrapers, with nature as the main user and human as parasites of the planet, struggling to survive and camouflage, living towards the very end of the race.


Moontopia : Womb

architects: Saran Chamroonkul, Prapatsorn Sukkaset


Due to this tiresome world, we are now living in; some seek for sanctuary, or probably an escape from oneself, and the gruesome state of mind that one tries to escape, the boredom that can’t be cured. Here, our Moontopia invites all these suffering individuals for an escape from oneself. Moontopia would like to bring you back to where it all begins.

Even if emptiness does not cure the boredom one gets from this materialistic planet earth, but emptiness here does make one understand more about oneself, making more of “self-analysis” and for an individual to make a life-time meditation and understand the routes of each problem they are facing; is nothing belong here forever and nothing is actually controllable, we are just humans and we are common. Here at Moontopia, we have no name, no title, just doing “self-analysis.”